Monster Stacks

Customers love our stacks for their one-piece pipe look. The big secret, though, is that they’re really a three-piece setup. Start building your ideal exhaust system by choosing an elbow, then a centre spool, and then a top stack. Secure them to your truck with our deluxe chrome clamps, which hide the joints to create the illusion of a single-piece pipe.

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Get the shape and look you really want

~ Bullhorn
~ Mitre
~ Chino
~ Curved
~ Flat top
~ Aussie

Serious Chrome for a Serious Truck!

Look cool!

Stand out in a crowd!

Find your rig in a busy parking lot!

Blind the bugs!

We also carry the various matching components, clamps and hangers to complete the job right.

So let them see your pipes!

Make the statement, Make ‘er Shine.

Your Muffler Exhausted?

With over 1000 mufflers in stock, we carry the largest inventory of Freightliner and Sterling mufflers in Ontario.